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Brainstorming Part One

Brainstorming. This occured before, during and after writing my novel. I brainstormed and this is how I decided to write my first book. I remember talking to a dear friend of mine, in the parking lot of a favorite fast food restaurant and I had this idea. My idea was about how witches came to…

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So excited! Just received confirmation from Kindle that Rabbit’s Feet is live and ready for purchase! It has been quite the process with formatting files, several different times and several different ways. Thankfully, I had help in the way of file formats, especially with converting it to an acceptable Kindle format. It has been a…

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Rabbit’s Feet

After five long years I can proudly say that my novel, Rabbit’s Feet is now available on the Kindle and eagerly awaiting print release. Upon graduating college, I decided to do what my heart has always wanted, write a novel. So six months later, the base of my novel is complete and I think it…

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