Brainstorming Part Two

Finally, I was done with my book. I thought I was anyway. I had a good friend critique the book which sparked several new ideas and really added depth to the novel. I was very excited about these new ideas and scenes. I ended up adding quite a bit of content and then it was back to editing. After I was done editing for the millionth time, I realized that the very specific outline that I had started out with had grown so much that it was invalid. I was happy with the twist that my story and characters had taken.

I went through my novel adding more information to my character sheets because of course as my novel grew…so did my characters. These characters were not just something made up on paper but were real to me. I found ways that I could relate with each one of them which in turn helped me better understand where their character was headed or how they would respond. My characters, in my mind, are still babies. They have a lot of development to still undergo and are not done growing by any means.

So, now I look back on the scenes that I had written on my second book, and decide that what I had written is completely left of where my story and characters are now headed. I believe some of the scenes will be able to be salvaged and re-worked. I have developed a rough outline, or more like scribbles on a notepad of scenes that I want to have in the second book; the key information and development that I wish to see. I understand however, that this will continue to develop and be re-defined as I begin putting the story together. There may be parts that are removed or changed and there will definitely be additions.

The thing to remember is that writing is fluid and subject to change. Even the best intentions and ideas can change. Sometimes you can have this glorious outline and it works with no changes. More often than not, something will change.

I will continue to brainstorm and this brainstorming process has already got me thinking way ahead. I already have ideas for the third book. Although, I had plotted out five books in total a couple of years ago, again I have changed the main idea for the second and third book already. I love brainstorming because I get to talk or think through ideas, and see those ideas come to life. I have made hierarchy structures and charts and timelines lately as part of my brainstorming; it is truly exciting.

So, to wrap up brainstorming, it is always good to brainstorm. For anything in life, whether it be new foods to cook, ideas for novels to write or how to improve yourself, etc., brainstorming always comes in handy!

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