High School

On Monday, it was my oldest son’s first day of high school. Man do I feel old! I was so excited for him, but also a little nervous. He is attending the largest high school in the state and I always have to worry about peer pressure and all those negative things. But that is not what this blog is for. I want to outline the amazing opportunities my son will be given by attending this high school.

As in my previous posts, I have an above average intelligent young man on my hands. He will be joining the Knowledge Bowl team for some competition and this is a program that he participated in while in Middle School also. Unfortunately they do not have a Math competition like they did in Middle School but they do have a Science Bowl which he could be equally interested in.

Because of his D-Step scores, he was asked to participate in an advanced Science pathway in high school. So as a freshman, he is taking Physical Science and Biology, to which he has already expressed that he believes these two classes will be quite fun. If he continues on this path with science, he has the potential to take AP Chemistry and AP Physics and earn College credit for them as a high school student. I am happy to hear how excited he is about these science classes.

Math…this kid has been outstanding at math for as long as I can remember. Last year, as an 8th grader, he took freshman math and passed so this year, he is taking sophomore math. Of course, he will be able to take AP Calculus as a High school student and earn College credit for this one too!

He is taking German and is planning to take this class all four years. He is going to be involved in the German club and he believes this will be quite a bit of fun also. There is also a freshman mentoring program that he has signed up for where the juniors and seniors will spend time with the freshman once a week to help as a mentor and to meet new people.

Overall, I am pleased with the high school that he is going to. They have so many great programs and I know that my son will be able to take a lot away from it. This school will help my son succeed and pose challenges to him that will help him prepare for college. The opportunities available to him are outstanding and I am the proud mother of a high school student!

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