July/August 2017 Book Reviews

Here are the book reviews you can expect to see during this time.

A Bad Day For Dying by Jan Ryder

Synopsis Taken Straight From Amazon:

British businesswoman, Vicki Thorne, understands that the world runs on deals and compromise, greed and corruption, more often than not accompanied by lies and deceit. Her business is successful because this is her game.
At a sensitive political time the despotic ruler of an independent Eastern European republic has taken important business leaders hostage. The discovery of Vicki’s past relationship with him places her in the power of Europol, the European police intelligence agency. To protect her family, and prevent a ruinous investigation into her business affairs she is forced to race across the continent with two undercover Europol agents in a bid to free the hostages.
Now she must confront a past and its secrets she would rather forget. A past she thought was dead and buried. A past that could kill her…


Girls Are Not Smiling by Wol-vriey

Synopsis Taken Straight From Amazon:

Welcome To The Road Trip From Hell

Pagan is demon-possessed.
Lori is suicidal.
Britt is just terminally pissed off.

Meet three young Boston women on the run from the law, each with problems that will fuse into more than the sum of their individual parts, becoming a holocaust of sex and violence and terror, a literal rain of blood and horror and gore and evil.

And if that wasn’t already bad enough, Pagan’s pet demon is slowly transforming her into something both unspeakable and unholy.

Truly, these girls aren’t smiling.

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