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So the weekend of the South Dakota Anime Convention was a super fun weekend with the awesome festivities beginning on Friday June 21st. Was bummed that I couldn’t stay for the opening ceremony, but we were able to meet and talk to many wonderful people. It was great to share my work with others, and we handed out event only exclusive merchandise (See picture below). The rabbit’s feet were a success and it was even more amazing to me when I saw others attach them to their personal belongings…purses, bags, lanyards, cameras and etc. So those of you from the convention, I would love to see where you have placed your ‘lucky’ rabbit’s foot…please email them to me at and I will post them in a blog so everyone can see your creativity!

I learned so much from others at the convention and am stoked to go next year, and for those that missed the convention…block out your calendar for June 20-22, 2014 and plan on joining us!
 rabbits feet, South Dakota Anime convention,Trista borgwardt, SoDakCon

Our first camping trip of the season was the same weekend as the Anime Convention. So we went directly from the convention to the hills and pitched our tent. It was a fun weekend and we were able to have a campfire—nothing like cooking over an open fire! We went down to the beach and the kids and dogs enjoyed the water. Saturday evening we had a small thunderstorm come through and when it passed we made s’mores. Great times with amazing friends.
 rabbits feet, Trista borgwardt Camping, SoDakCon

As if my last few days hadn’t been busy enough, I attended a meeting in Chicago for work so after my busy and exciting weekend, Tuesday I boarded an airplane for a few hours and landed in Chicago…a place I had never been before. I had so much fun with my co-worker and friend and although we left the next evening, we enjoyed the little that we were able to see of the ‘windy city’ by managing to find Margaritaville in the Navy Pierre. Would have loved to go on one of their boat tours they have there, so am thinking a family vacation might be in order to spend a few days their exploring and spending some time with my aunt and her family that lives there!
 rabbits feet, Trista borgwardt Chicago Trip, SoDakCon

So, I apologize for the delay of getting this blog up, but I have to confess that my days have not slowed down any. I have completed the first draft of my second book and will post a blog about it in the near future. I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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