March/April 2017

Here is what you can expect to see in the March/April time frame.

Cutthroat Carmine by Jackie Wang

Synopsis Taken Straight From Amazon:

Seventeen-year-old half-blood vampire, Carmine Redoza, has relied on her mother’s strict rules all her life. She is permitted a single glass of human blood once a month on Ritual Night. No more, no less. To drink more than that would make her human soul sick and her vampire one more savage and uncontrollable. For most of her life, she has maintained a careful equilibrium, quenching her thirst but never sinking into gluttony. However, Carmine’s life starts to unravel one night when she discovers her classmate’s mutilated corpse. From that moment forth, she must rely on her wits and newfound supernatural talents to stay alive as she tracks down the cold-blooded killer. Join Carmine as she spends an unforgettable summer learning the truth about her former sins, complicated family history and the extent of her resolve against temptation.


Ardalia: The Flames of the Immolated (Book 3) by Alan Spade

Synopsis Taken Straight From Amazon:

The great hunt had begun, and the hevelens were the prey. When would it end, and how? Impossible to predict…

With the malian army defeated, the forces of Destruction are laying siege to the Gate of the Canyons and spreading out over the Windy Steppes. For every child of the wind or the water captured and hurled into the Great Rift, a Nylev, a fire-being, is born. Pelmen, Laneth, Lominan and Elisan-Finella must convince the krongos to join them in their desperate struggle, but only a handful of the mineral creatures remain, and Valshhyk, the Immolated, seems unstoppable…

The Flames of the Immolated is the third and final book of the Ardalia trilogy. It includes a map of Ardalia and a glossary, with a description of the various creatures peculiar to its universe, and suggestions for the pronunciation of some words.

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