So two weeks ago today I was anxiously stalking the UPS tracking system waiting for my first paperback proof of my book because once I approve the proof it will go live for purchase. I received the package and as I eagerly ripped it open I was absolutely euphoric at looking at my very own book. I created that; every word on every page was mine! I was grinning from ear to ear! Although, this first proof was not perfect and we realized that we needed to make some adjustments to our files and re-upload them, I was giddy all evening.

We quickly went to work on getting corrections made and files re-uploaded and waited for the approval. The next morning when I received notice that our files were approved, I immediately ordered my second proof. I then stalked my order and UPS once again waiting anxiously for my proof to arrive. It took a week and let me tell you, it was a long week.

For the second time I find myself standing in my kitchen ripping open the cardboard package. Eager to see how this second proof looks. I pull the book out and look it over and am overjoyed with happiness. So we side by side the two versions of the book and compare and contrast. There are things that I like about the first way the cover was done and things I like better on the second. Back to the editing/correcting world we come!

So now, for a third time we will be revising files and re-uploading them for approval. You can guarantee that as soon as they are approved, I will be ordering my third proof. Then, I will find myself stalking UPS and waiting for my book to arrive. I have hopes that third time is a charm and that this proof will be the key and we will be able to approve it and release the paperback for purchase.

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