Rabbit’s Feet

After five long years I can proudly say that my novel, Rabbit’s Feet is now available on the Kindle and eagerly awaiting print release. Upon graduating college, I decided to do what my heart has always wanted, write a novel. So six months later, the base of my novel is complete and I think it is done except for some copy editing. Boy was I wrong! I look back now and am impressed with how my novel blossomed. I have read and edited my book so many times I should have the entire thing memorized. It is quite amazing how the basic ideas grew into a more complex story. Before, I had never really felt like my novel was done. I felt Rabbit’s Feet had more to offer and was missing something. Now, I can say this novel is complete. It is done and has left me many great ideas for the books to follow.

Rabbit’s Feet is the first book in a series, how long of a series, I don’t know yet. Everything is fluid at this point. I had begun my second novel shortly after completing Rabbit’s Feet as I was on a roll with ideas. Now, looking back at what I have written, I may be scrapping the entire writing and starting anew. Rabbit’s Feet has changed so much since I started the second book that I feel what has already been written is mostly irrelevant and needs to flow differently.

The journey of novel writing has been incredible for me. That is not to say that it is not without its struggles and downfalls. One of the big things I have learned to overcome is writer’s block. When I experience this and just can’t focus on a scene, I either put it down for a while and do some scribbling on a notepad or I move onto a scene that I am really interested in writing.

I do want to thank my family and friends for all of the support and patience they have had over the last few years. It has not always been easy on them and some weeks I wonder if they will still recognize me. But alas, they are my biggest support group and I couldn’t have accomplished what I have without them.

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