Review of ‘A Life of Death’ by Weston Kincade

A Life of Death: The Complete First NovelA Life of Death: The Complete First Novel by Weston Kincade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book opens up with Detective Alex Drummond’s son asking an innocent question which quickly thrusts him into the past. Alex takes us through his senior year, which is quite a horrifying one.

Alex has to deal with the loss of his father who was a great man, but his mom quickly remarried, needing a secondary income to help them survive. Alex’s stepfather is a real piece of work. An abusive drunk who is capable of much more terror than you initially realize. Alex’s home life is sad and it is an unfortunate reality when nothing is done to remove the drunk from the home.

Alex’s life begins to change when he starts having nightmare visions. The visions are of death, of people dying. At first you have to wonder if he is losing his mind, or if he has brain damage from all of the beatings he has received. Then, he discovers that is not the case, and he in fact is seeing real deaths that had happened. When he touches an object that that person touched when they died, he can not only see, but experience what happened.

This is unique, but how can it be helpful? You can’t go and tell the police that you had a vision of a murder. Alex changes his attitude after a certain vision he had and he starts developing into the man he is going to become. He begin to see his protective side come out and you can see why and how he would go on to become a detective.

I loved the relationship with his friend Paige. She played a very important role in his life and keeping him sane throughout the chaos that was his life. I really enjoyed how he continued to talk to his dad by visiting his grave and how this still kept his dad alive in some way.

Alex has to deal with too much tragedy and death for being a senior in high school but I have no doubt it will make him a great detective. The author did an amazing job with his well defined character development. The plot flowed nice and smooth and I did not want to put the book down.

I am getting ready to read the second one and I can’t wait. I love the concept and the writing style!

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