Review of ‘Ancient Shadows’ by Joanne Pence

Ancient ShadowsAncient Shadows by Joanne Pence

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ancient Shadows is definitely an interesting combination of mystery and horror. Michael, a well known archeologist is just trying to lay low when a strange priest happens upon him and entrusts him with a red ‘philosopher’s stone’. The red stone is what controls the ancient demons and Michael must take it along a treacherous travel down the Silk Road and find an ancient and lost religion.

Micheal returns to the United States to figure out the connection between five guys in a photograph who are now dying one by one. There, he has his first encounter with a seductive demon/fox. A group of people are after him and they want the red pearl, so Michael must work fast to solve the mystery and get the pearl to safety.

Michael ends up with a team of people traveling with him and they travel all over the world. There is action, adventure, mystery, horror, violence and death. We follow Michael as he struggles to do things on his own and as he tries to make the right decision.

This book is also filled with history which I found quite interesting. The characters were believable and the plot has a good pace to keep you interested. I wouldn’t normally pick up a book like this on my own to read it, but I am glad that I did. This book was different from my normal read, which was refreshing and it was well-written and engaging. I definitely look forward to more books by this author. Oh and now I need to go back and read the first one :-)!

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