Review of ‘Barn Shadows: Dark Horse Book 2’ by Laura Wolfe

Barn ShadowsBarn Shadows by Laura Wolfe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brynlei returns to Foxwood Academy to pursue her dream of becoming the Top Rider. Her parents are apprehensive about sending her and can you blame them (you have to read the first book to understand). After the okay from her therapist, she is allowed to return with the promise that she won’t let her sensitive condition get her way like it did last summer.

However, once Brynlei settles into the Academy, it isn’t long before strange occurrences begin unfolding and Brynlei isn’t sure if she is losing her mind or if someone is just messing with her. While she tries very hard to focus on her riding and Jett, she is easily distracted and the ghost that has shown up really needs her help. Can Brynlei help this ghost and still manage to win the Top Rider award.

This book is well written and a great continuation from the first. Brynlei is an easy to love character and one that you can relate to. Her unique sensitivities that allow her to see and interact with ghosts and other things that normal people aren’t attuned to make the story even more captivating.
The story is well paced and I enjoyed reading it. I hope to see more from this author and to read more about Brynlei and where life will lead her now.

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