Review of ‘Do No Harm (Joseph #1)’ by Danielle Singleton

Do No Harm (Joseph #1)Do No Harm by Danielle Singleton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book captured my attention right away. We are first introduced to Joseph, a brilliant doctor, who feels that he is smarter than everyone and undervalued and under-appreciated. He wanted to show America how they should appreciate him more and what he could do by tainting the blood supply with a lethal virus. One that was so rare that it could not be traced. Joseph was truly brilliant.

The president puts together a task force with Dr. Carlson at the head. He hand picks his team members and together, they fight to find this virus that is killing people and to find the commonality. Victim by victim keeps showing up and a pattern develops. Now it is a race to find a way to test for the virus before anymore bodies show up.

The characters were well developed and it was a joy to get to know each of them. I enjoyed the suspense of the storyline and found myself hoping that they would crack the case soon. I love the path that Singleton took us and each of her characters down. The tragedy, the hope and the twists. The ending came as an absolute shock and I can’t wait to see what happens in book 2.

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