Review of ‘DragonFly’ by Charles Cornell

DragonFly (Missions of the DragonFly Squadron #1)DragonFly by Charles A. Cornell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Gifted from the author through the Ebook Miner Group.

DragonFly is a unique alternative adventure of World War II and the British Navy, Airforce, Hitler and his Nazis. It is a refreshingly interesting spin on what the War could have been like and lets the reader enjoy strong feminist pilots fighting for their country.

The book starts off action packed with an aerial attack that impacts the train that is carrying Ronnie to her new destination where she will start her new assignment. Ronnie has to establish once she arrives that she is indeed a pilot and a supposed darn good one at that.

Once given a chance, she test flies a new plane, DragonFly. This plane is an amazing concept. The fact that it can fly in the air and travel under the water is incredible. This plane runs on water so it can re-fuel while in the water or during the rain. It’s weaponary is quite the interesting idea also. Overall, this is a pretty kick ass plane!

While DragonFly is certainly going to give the British an edge, Hitler has his own secret weapons. The author starts throwing in the druids and the occult making it even more intriguing. The battles that are described in detail in this book are realistic and engaging. This is a hard book to put down.

Cornell has developed an overall exciting and well written novel. I wouldn’t normally pick up something in this genre and I can say that I was quite impressed. The character development was in depth and believable. I loved Ronnie’s character. She is a compelling feminine character with a great deal of personality. I really appreciated her role considering the era that this book takes place.

The book was a smooth read and the storyline was consistent. I truly enjoyed the authors writing style. It was a great read and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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