Review of ‘Enslaved’ by N.W. Harris

Enslaved  (The Last Orphans #3)Enslaved by N.W. Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was the third book and Shane and his friends have been through hell. Now, with Kelly and a few other team members stuck on one of the ships, they are trying tirelessly to come up with a rescue mission. Shane and the rest of them have to continue to battle rogue teenagers and rebellious teenage soldiers whose link has been severed and they only know to kill, kill, kill. As they fight their way through to get to the submarine its a suspenseful and action filled adventure. Injuries slow them down, but once they make it, they are re-united with many of the people that they trained with.

After establishing a link between Shane and Kelly while they are sleeping, they are able to get a glimpse into what is going on at the mother ship. Kelly and the others are going through their own personal hell, being controlled by someone and made to fight and kill, sometimes each other.

Shane’s only priority is getting Kelly back and it’s hard for him to understand the precariousness of the overall situation. Meanwhile, Kelly and the others have been sent back down to earth with a new mission. They have a way to quickly inject all of the remaining teenagers and bring them under their control. Against Kelly’s will, she finds herself on a path straight for the camp that Shane and the others are holed up in.

This book is filled with action/adventure/violence and suspense. The story line has developed into a deeply detailed world and the characters continue to grow and develop in depth relationships. This author is detailed and highly creative. I highly recommend reading this series.

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