Review of ‘Eve Brenner: Zombie Agent (The Zombie Girl Saga #2)’ by A. Giacomi

Eve Brenner: Zombie Agent (The Zombie Girl Saga #2)Eve Brenner: Zombie Agent by A. Giacomi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The second book continues as we follow Eve down her chosen path of working with the CSIS group. It isn’t too long before she becomes Agent Brenner and begins field work. Dr. August continues working with her and running experiments to discover all that he can. In the beginning, Eve is a depressed and lost teenager feeling as though she has no other option but to do as they say. Eve doesn’t want to hurt anymore people and knows that her zombie hunger ultimately controls her.

It is nice that even though Eve left Cameron and Alex behind, that we are able to still keep track of them throughout this second installment. We really see Eve grow in this book and mature into a responsible agent who cares about doing the right thing and helping to protect others.

I was not too surprised about Agent William and Eve’s eventual relationship but enjoyed it all the same. It was difficult to read some of the emotional tragedy that Cameron went through and how he handled the pain or rather how he didn’t handle the pain. I can understand Alex’s attraction to Cameron but also felt a little betrayal by it on behalf of Eve.

This book had great character development, and showed us the other side to Agent Williams. We saw Eve mature and Dr. August look after her as he would a daughter. There was a good amount of blood and gore detailed in this story and the fight scenes were well described and believable. I felt the story had a good amount of action to keep readers interested and had a unique concept, a zombie agent? How cool is that?

I really enjoyed the first two books and really look forward to reading more!

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