Review of ‘Fear Dreams’ by J. A. Schneider


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After reading the Embryo series, I was anxious to read this next book by Schneider. Her Embryo series was fantastic and Fear Dreams is nothing less.

Liddy has suffered a traumatic accident and is trying to recover but is suffering from nightmares and depression/anxiety so it is only natural that she would begin seeing ‘ghosts’, or what we believe are ghosts, but Liddy thinks she really has seen the missing girl.

These ‘sightings’ are driving a wedge between Paul and Liddy’s marriage, even after he gives up a lot to buy their new home (which has a beautiful studio for Liddy to paint). Liddy continues to be plagued by nightmares and possible sightings.

I was so happy to read about Detective Kerri and Alex and to see them in action once more. This author has a talent for developing strong characters with depth and perceivable reality. The story line is steady and thought provoking. Each time I thought I had figured out the story line, the author takes it for a twist and I am left thinking, I didn’t see that one coming. The plot is strong and well designed. This author has a sophisticated and creative writing style.

This is a fascinating psychological thriller and after reading several of this author’s books, the stories never cease to amaze me. I was quite disappointed when the Embryo series was complete (I know that they all have to end eventually), so I was anxious to read what came next. If you enjoy psychological thrillers, this will be a must read for you.

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