Review of ‘Gone Fishing’ by J.W. Metcalf

Gone FishingGone Fishing by J.W. Metcalf

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, so first let me say that I LOVE this series! I will read any book with Tony Gavel in it. This is a great Private Investigator series! Sometimes the PI stories can be kind of dry and boring with a little action in between…but not the Tony Gavel Series! It is all action and intrigue!

Tony Gavel just finished a pretty wild and intense case and is going up to his cabin to rest and go fishing. If you have read the first one (and if you haven’t you should!) you will know that Tony cannot sit still. He isn’t resting long before he is chasing down an escaped murderer and gets shot.

His little get away town ends up having a lot more secrets and goings on then he would have ever expected.

Through it all Tony ends up with a solid romantic prospect, losing an old time friend, getting shot, beaten and taking on a new job for a few days.

This story is riveting, engaging, action packed and full of adventure. The characters are awesome and believably real. The author has a great story telling manner and his stories are competently written and well delivered. His creativeness in throwing in little twists in the story are thought out and keeps you guessing.

Overall, an amazing series to read and a must read for the mystery lovers out there!

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