Review of “Hell Dancer” by Wol-vriey

Hell DancerHell Dancer by Wol-vriey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a began reading this book, I became thoroughly engrossed in the serial killer couple and thought wow what a grotesquely fantastic start. From the beginning there was violence and gore, tortuous hate filled the pages. I was absolutely enthralled! It was just the hook the book needed.

As the story continues, we meet porn stars who after a night of partying become lost and inevitably find themselves inside a creepy mansion. The rough detective Tanya, who is right on the serial killers tail, finds herself inside the same creepy mansion.

This is where the book takes a complete turn and dives into a supernatural hell dimension. “Detention” is a place that I hope to never find myself. The characters were great and the story line was nothing like I had envisioned by reading the synopsis.

This book is heinous, gory, filled with lots of sex and not just vanilla sex, there are porn stars starring in this book after all. This book crosses so many lines and barriers from the norm and I absolutely loved it. This was so unique, I have never read anything quite like it and will definitely read more from this author.


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