Review of ‘Luna Sanguis’ by Simon OKill

Luna SanguisLuna SanguisSimon Okill

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First thing I want to comment on is the cover. It is captivating and I am one that a book will grab my attention based on the cover; if I like what I see, I investigate the book further and usually walk out of the bookstore with it. Whoever your designer is did a fabulous job!

From start to finish Simon did a wonderful job writing this novel. His writing is sophisticated and descriptive. He truly did paint a picture in my head of the events occurring or the characters in the novel. From the very beginning, Eternal grabbed my attention and I felt happy, sad, scared and anxious with her. There was some momentary confusion in one part of the book that I was truly confused, but since the main character was too, that means this situation was depicted well.

I was fascinated by the creativeness of the nurse and the orderly characters (will not give anything further away—don’t want any spoilers)! The Count/Lucien’s character is well written and developed enough to give you insight into the background of this character and what led him to the evil monstrosities he now deals out.

Overall, as a book lover (particularly horror, supernatural, vampires) this was an interesting read and I can’t wait to read more! It sure had its uniqueness and spin on vampires and the world in which they exist.

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