Review of ‘Nightmares and Angels’ by David King

Nightmares & AngelsNightmares & Angels by David King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This author has a real knack for developing short stories that grab your attention and deliver as if it were a full novel. Of all the stories in the book, I never felt like any of them were too short, or didn’t deliver the message and the content that the author intended.

This book is perfect for quick reads. If you like to read before bed, on your lunch break or something similar instead of reading a chapter and still left hanging, you can finish one story and then start the next later.

Each story was well developed and designed. They were unique and the characters were defined well and realistically in the short time the author has to set the stage in each short story.

I loved each story for the unique plot and story that was presented. Vanity Mirror was probably one of my favorite ones. I don’t want to give any details away but the ending was priceless! Statuesque starts the book off with a good atmosphere, outlining the horror that the author is capable of designing! Great choice for the beginning of the book!

If you like horror, supernatural and some definite unique creativity, then pick this up. You will not be disappointed!

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2 thoughts on “Review of ‘Nightmares and Angels’ by David King

  1. Thank you so much for your kind review, I really do appreciate it and I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the stories inside the book 🙂

    • TMB

      Absolutely! Thank you for the great read! I am looking forward to checking out some of your other work :-)!

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