Review of ‘Reading the Dead (The Sarah Milton Chronicles #1)’ by J.B. Cameron

Reading The Dead (The Sarah Milton Chronicles, #1)Reading The Dead by J.B. Cameron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all, I just want to say that this was an engaging and thrilling read. From the first couple of pages, I was hooked. I felt the portrayal of the lead character Sarah Milton was well developed and I enjoyed learning her back story to see the woman that she developed into.

We learn that Sarah had to grow up with a Politician for a father, so he wasn’t around all that much, and this situation was made worst when Sarah’s mother died. Sarah had her ‘imaginary’ friend Anna to keep her company, which caused her much ridicule amongst her peers so she learned to blend into the background. Once her mother was gone, so was Anna and Sarah was left truly alone. For all the struggles she endured through those teenage years, Sarah turned into one bad ass woman.

Sarah went to college, graduated and joined LAPD. There she made her way into working on the special violent crime squad. Sarah is still looking to find who killed her mother, but in the meantime, she will settle for taking down other nasty murderers out there. After a terrifying brush with death, Anna returns to Sarah. Sarah at first is annoyed and wants her to go away and then begins to warm to her again. After finding out the truth about Anna, Sarah is grateful for her presence and help.

The characters were developed so that they seemed real and easy to relate to. Anna definitely played a key role in the book and it was amazing to watch her develop and to watch her relationship with Sarah grow and develop.

The plot was well played out and I loved the twists that the author threw in. I thought the story line was unique and cannot wait to see where the author takes it. So much story left and so many possibilities.

I loved Sarah’s persistence, Anna’s innocent mischief, and the hopeful romance of Ryan. I would like to see a little more about/with Meghan as I think she should be a larger part in Sarah’s life, but with book two in the works…who knows what will happen?

Will definitely read book two when it comes out!

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