Review of ‘Swarm II’ by Alex South

Swarm IISwarm II by Alex South

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Swarm II is a continuation from Swarm picking up right where the first installment left off.

I was rooting for everyone to get to safety and for Laura to get some medical attention. When they came across the little girl, that was different and a little creepy. Once they all reach a safety of sorts, South does not give you a chance to sigh in relief or catch your breath before the next adventure.

Without spoiling the story, there were certainly some gag moments and some moments of did the author really just go there? Yep he did. Some of these things were definitely a first for me, haven’t stumbled upon them yet in my zombie reading adventures anyway.

This story is fast paced for the most part and it sure does keep you reading to see what happens next. This story is just the right length. We saw more character dialogue and interaction in this book and a couple of times the dialogue seemed a little out of place but this was nothing that interfered with the reading of the story.

I enjoyed this book and with the twists thrown in there and the way it ended, I can’t wait to read the third one!

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Purchase ‘Swarm’ HERE

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