Review of ‘The Shadow of a King’ by C.M. Gray

The Shadow of a KingThe Shadow of a King by C.M. Gray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this story to be quite riveting. King Uther is a waste of a man at the beginning of the book and he is called back for one last battle. He wasn’t quite revived as I was expecting, but his men made do. The only thing that I was mildly disappointed in was the battle scene. The book opens with kidnapping the king and bringing him back to the druid Merlyn to prepare him to lead his warriors for one final battle before he can succumb to death, leaving his son to rule the kingdom. Once this final battle occurs though, it is so minimal I had to go back and make sure that I hadn’t bumped my kindle and skipped a couple of pages. I was just expecting more since it was his final battle.

Now, that really is the only thing and it’s really not even a complaint because the story did just fine without it, it was really my own expectation. The book was well written and it kept a steady pace throughout. I really enjoyed the back story that is given in this book and found it quite intriguing. I have not read book one and feel that I do need to now. Once you get started reading, you will have a difficult time putting the book down.

CM Gray did a fabulous job of giving us this huge world filled with many different races of people, many of which have come together to defend their lands against the saxons. The characters were designed well with great depth. This book is filled with love, regret, betrayal and many hardships. You will sympathize in many ways with the King once you begin to hear his story of times that have long since passed. The ending left me ready to move onto the next book to see what happens as any good book should.

Excellent book in my opinion!

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