Review of “This Way to Forever” by Loren Kleinman

This Way to Forever: (A Multicultural Romance)This Way to Forever: by Loren Kleinman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is not my normal genre of book to read, however, once I started reading, I found myself deeply involved with Sarah and her volatile romance with Tad. After they met, it was a deep infatuation that turned to love almost too quickly. When Tad left to go back to his home country it was heartbreaking. There were many heartbreaking moments with Tad and I really wanted to yell at Sarah a few times for being such an idiot and believing his tales and giving him another chance. That is exactly how love works though and the author captured this beautifully.

Upon the final parting of Sarah and Tad, Sarah went on to focus on her studies and eventually met Ethan. Just when it feels as though Sarah and Ethan have a chance, that damned Tad comes back into the picture leaving me wanting to to scream at Sarah again. However, when there is unresolved feelings, it is difficult to move on. Sarah never dealt with her loss of Tad, but instead buried it and pretended to move on. Sarah isn’t able to truly move on until she resolves her feelings and is honest with herself.

Leading up to the end of the book, Sarah finds herself in quite the predicament. Which man will she choose to have by her side….Tad….Ethan or neither. This book was a nice quick read and kept me engaged throughout the entire story. The characters were real and unique, and as frustrating as the love triangle was and Sarah’s decision-making skills were when it came to Tad, it was a very realistic portrayal of someone in love.

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