Review of ‘To Kill a Priest: The Priors, Part One’ by Weston Kincade

To Kill a Priest: The Priors, Part 1To Kill a Priest: The Priors, Part 1 by Weston Kincade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is quite an amazing book. I was entirely fascinated with the storyline from start to finish. This would make an incredibly successful movie!

Okay, so we are introduced right away to a couple of different characters. They are all unique and the world isn’t quite what it seems. Daniel is suffering from things that he did in the past and now he is trying to atone for his previous sins. Jedd feels guilty for not being able to help his goddaughter and has spent years trying to find her.

The author introduces PASTOR…clever name really. This organization kidnaps children with unique abilities and will stop at nothing to have them. Madelin, Jedd’s goddaughter is one of their victims. He had no choice but to stand by as his friends house burnt to the ground and PASTOR kidnapped Madelin.

Jedd, we discover is also a unique individual with some gifts of his own. He is able to help Madelin escape in an unorthodox manner and then has to help guide her to safety, while he also tries to find her. Madelin is able to “shift”, but unfortunately the evil following her has many of her same abilities to which he has honed over the years.

Along the journey, Madelin encounters Daniel and his sense of remorse and need for redemption makes him help her despite the dangerous situation. He immediately is willing to lay down his life for her.

This story is full of action, adventure and the discovery of many new things. A group of people band together and pledge their life to ensuring Madelin’s safety.

The characters are well crafted with a great deal of depth and individuality. The storyline is creative and something new to embark upon. I enjoyed every moment in this book and am halfway through the second one already. I am so anxious to see where Madelin’s story takes us.

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