Review of ‘Undreamed’ by Paul Western-Pittard

UndreamedUndreamed by Paul Western-Pittard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

‘Undreamed’ is a unique psychological thriller that starts out making you wonder what is really going on and definitely keeps that mystery going throughout the entire book.

Alice, the main character–actually there is two of them. One lives in Sydney with her sister and the only other close relationship she has is with her shrink. Alice number 2 lives in New York and is a dark, rebellious young woman who loves to get high and cause trouble. These two characters dream of the others life every night.

So, as each Alice dreams, the other one is narrating their life. Then, the sleeping Alice wakes up and they switch roles. I was never confused between the two, they are very different people with different attitudes and lives….but then again there are times when you wonder how different they really are.

So what is going on with Alice. Is she really two different people with the ability to see each others lives? Was it some sort of supernatural thing? Was she schizophrenic, split personality, delusional? What was really going on with Alice?

Western-Pittard takes you on the journey into each of their lives and shows some of the horrible/strange choices that they make. Alice in New York being involved with an aspiring artist who has a son to take care of but much of the time the child is overlooked for them to have sex or get high. Alice is constantly putting herself in dangerous situations at night clubs or at her drug dealers house.

Then the Alice in Sydney, she seems to be trying, but is isolated from anyone but her sister and shrink. However, all of her progress is derailed when she sees a little girl. No one will believe her, but she knows that she wasn’t hallucinating or seeing things. As she continues to pursue this apparition, the crazier it makes her out to be.

It almost at times seems that Alice is one person, who has obviously suffered from a traumatic experience and has divided herself into two different personalities. New York Alice is the destructive, rage fueled one that is trying to numb herself while Sydney Alice is passive, confused and seems to isolate herself.

The plot is well thought out and delivered quite beautifully. It keeps up just the right pace that makes it entirely difficult to stop reading. The countless twists and turns throughout the story are quite thought provoking.

The characters were detailed and portrayed in a believable and intriguing manner. It was neat to see how each character fit into either of Alice’s world and to see what the other Alice’s view was of them.

This was a great read and the author did an outstanding job. I look forward to reading more work from him.

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