Review of ‘Until the End (Quarantined #1)’ by Tracey Ward

Until the End (Quarantined, #1)Until the End by Tracey Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Again this author does it with a different and unique spin to the zombie apocalypse. First we meet Alissa and learn about her painful memories and then, the world ends. Alissa is certain that she is seeing things as she is being attacked by one of the undead, but her neighbor, Jordan, races to her rescue.

The infection is rapidly spreading and the duo want to get out of town and away from the infected and the probably quarantine area. We follow them among many battles, close calls and exciting adventures.

There is a budding romance between the duo, and though they try to fight it in their own way, they inevitably are pulled together. Finally, they each have a confession to make to the other, and it is not what you think.

The characters relationship had a nice build to it, and I was pleased with the realistic interactions. I really enjoyed reading each character, the author did a good job of making them believable and real.

I enjoyed following these two on the interesting journey they had on foot, on boat and the discoveries they made along the way. I loved the main character’s weapon…and that’s all I will say about that.

The twist with Alissa, I think was a nice touch, one that isn’t touched on all that much in books, or used with heroic main characters and it was well done.

Great job, and I can’t wait to see what book 2 holds!

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