Review of ‘We Are The End (Dext of the Dead, #5) by Steve Kuhn

We Are The End (Dext of the Dead, #5)We Are The End by Steve Kuhn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The last book in the series and I think it was the best. It showed characters at their best and at their worst.

There were so many twists and spins incorporated into this last installment that it was impossible to put down. A powerfully creative series written by Kuhn and I was not disappointed with any of it.

Once the group recovers from the Vegas incident and moves on to clear out the Nellis base, we get to see what kind of monsters truly exist among humanity. Despite the end of the world, that people could still be that evil, you begin to almost like the zombies more than some of the humans.

At Nellis, they are finally able to make contact with Kilo company and there are so many surprises that Nellis was just not a good place for them to be and they moved on as quickly as they could.

The group of course encountered many more struggles and close call situations. We were able to see characters continue to develop and Lilly is a tough little girl. I found her to be humorous and someone that I would definitely want on my side. We were able to delve into some of the depths of characters we hadn’t before to understand more of why they did what they did.

Just when all hope is lost, a few more twists will keep you turning the pages. The ending was not what I was hoping for but it really completed the story of Dext and his group.

You will not be disappointed by picking up this series. It is fast paced and engaging. The fight scenes are well thought out and described in enough detail that you can get a visual. The characters are all easy to relate to and although some of the scenes are gory, terrible and just down right vile, it is all a reality of what I perceive would happen in the apocalypse.

I am looking forward to more work by this author and am a little bummed that there were only 5 books in the series….but I guess all stories have to end at some point!

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