Review of ‘We Are The Extinction (Dext of the Dead, #4)’ by Steve Kuhn

We Are The Extinction (Dext of the Dead, #4)We Are The Extinction by Steve Kuhn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The fourth book continues the adventures of Dext and his group of people. We have seen them struggle, lose loved ones and take revenge on those who have terrorized them and killed members of their group.

Now, as the group hits the road again, in search of the military group Kilo…they run across more troubles and some helpful information. Eventually they make it to a military secured facility where Dr. Morofsky is studying Subject 17 and a possible vaccine.

The inserts of the dialogue between the Colonel Lang and Chalmers and Morofsky is an interesting part of the story that kept me wondering what was really going on and it was nice to see some history on how the outbreak really started and what and who was behind it. The ‘spark’ is an interesting concept.

Dext’s group won’t take crap from no one, not even those in a secured military facility. But standing up to those finally earns them some answers into what is going on in the world. They are then charged with the task of getting Kylee and Subject 17 to Fort Bragg.

During this new mission, they encounter raiders, lose more of the group and gain a new friend. They also meet up with a group from Vegas. They had a pretty interesting set up also. Things go wrong quickly though, as they often due with everyone’s emotions high and in survival mode. All too soon, Vegas is history, but at least they have some new faces along for the ride.

The story of Dext and his group continues to be compelling and terrifying. It portrays the worst of human nature when it comes to survival and the best. It shows morals and chaos.

The character development continues to develop that now we know these people and you truly feel emotion when they are no longer a part of the story. The story line is a great pace and I can’t wait to see what the final installment brings!

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