Sneak Peek

I have been working on a short story series to publish on my website as a monthly blog. I had the idea to do this as some free entertainment to my loyal readers. I am hoping to launch the beginning section of the short story series within the next couple of months, but for now I have included a brief excerpt from the first piece. For the sake of spoiling that introduction, I do not want to release what the series is about…yet!

Kalia awoke to a very quiet world. A hum in the distance purred like a housecat curled in your lap. She looked around the bedroom and sunlight peered through the dark blue, light barrier curtains. She must’ve forgotten to pull them closed after arriving home from work at the wee hours of the morning. Working as a bartender was not only an unrewarding job choice, but dealing with sleazy old men night after night was beginning to wear on her young soul. She kept thinking that it wouldn’t be much longer until she was done with college, and working as a lawyer in the big city.

Kalia checked the alarm clock, and it read noon. This meant she’d only received four hours of sleep, which she thought was total bullshit. She had an afternoon class with an exam, and she had only begun studying this morning. She’s better get her ass in gear unless she wanted to fail her test.

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