Story Development

Story development is not always as easy as it may sound… we are just making things up, it shouldn’t be that hard right? Wrong. It is a unique and self-fulfilling process that is for sure, but for me what happens is one idea leads to another and another and another. The development begins to become so complex that before you know it you have created a whole new world with all new people. Before you know it, you have databases of characters and places. Story lines for the current book and the future ones. So many ideas you try to keep them all organized but one idea is in this notebook in your purse, and the other is in a notebook by the bed, and another one is in a notebook in the kitchen.

Even in the middle of writing a story, you have to stop and take a break to develop a whole new set of characters, and sometimes a whole new world. Even if the basis or foundation for that idea is already in place it still needs development. Development cannot and should not be done lightly. Taking the time to sit down, and map out characters and plots, and places is what truly goes into making the story engaging and believable.

With all this being said, this is the stage of my second book right now. I have written a good portion of the beginning part, and now am working on the middle part. The middle part has stopped me, and put a hold on the writing for a bit as I sit down and map out at least 15 new characters, and an additional adventurous world. Some characters that we map out may never even make an appearance in the book. Or their name may only be mentioned in passing, but it is still important that I know those characters intimately.

For all you anxious fans who are patiently awaiting the second book, know that the anxiety will be worth it. A great deal of time and effort will be placed to make sure that the second book is just as thrilling and engaging as Rabbit’s Feet. The story keeps developing as I am writing, so I do need to stop and take the time to plot out my thoughts, and think every process through. Just know that if I am not actively writing the second book, I am actively working on character/plot development and process. Know that I am just as anxious to get everything out and down on paper for all you fans as you are to read it.

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