I wanted to thank everyone who participated in our Kindle Release Party. I am happy to announce I had over 100 copies downloaded! With that excellent of a turnout I am excited to hear feedback from my readers. I hope you all enjoyed all of the information and insights I shared throughout the day.

At this point I continue to move forward with my writing. I have a new book that will be released in the coming month that is not a part of the Tempie series, but is exciting all the same! The cover art was released during the party yesterday VIEW HERE. I diligently pour over the second book in the Tempie series, and am thrilled with the development of the story and where the characters are heading.

I will be making an appearance at the South Dakota Anime Convention in June on opening day, so you can look for me there. For more information about the convention CLICK HERE. Otherwise, coming soon, not only will we have merchandise in the store, but we will also have a limited number of signed copies of Rabbit’s Feet available on the website.

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