14 Year Old Genius

So every mom has the right to brag right? Of course we do, that is why we are moms! My oldest son, who just turned 14 last month is incredibly intelligent. He will be heading into 9th grade—high school—eek—next year and mom is not sure she is ready for it. My son though, he is more than ready for it. He is already taking 9th grade math this year, so next year he will take 10th grade math. His intelligence in math is astounding, but then my brother is currently working on his Master’s in Physics…so maybe it runs in the family somehow.

At any rate, last year when he was in 7th grade, he was invited to take the ACT/SAT test and I was amazed. We went ahead and registered him for the SAT test last year and the ACT test this year. This kid, my awesome son, has already scored on both the ACT/SAT test a score to get into college and qualify for scholarships. Amazing! What is even more incredible is that he wants to achieve more than what he is currently doing. He wants to take the SAT/ACT test and challenge some courses in high school so that he can gain the most out of his high school experience.

This year, he was on his school’s Mathcounts team and they won second place earning them a trip to the state competition. He also took second place overall in the regional competition. I was so proud that day as they called his name to hand him his awards. I can’t tell you how much it means to me the motivation and drive he has to succeed.

So then, one day, out of the blue we are sitting in the living room talking and he nonchalantly says, ‘I am writing a book for English.’ And I say “WHAT?? I want to read it.” So he brings it home for me to read, and I do. After I finish I ask him, ‘Did you make up all these names?’ and ‘Are all these ideas yours, you came up with them?’ He proudly says ‘Yes.’ I am super impressed. The imagination and creativity in this book is beyond profound. I ask if he is interested in developing this story and he says maybe. I tell him that if he is interested in writing, he really has a great start. Not only were the ideas remarkable, his story is well written. I am impressed.

He has now completed his story for English class and it is just under 10,000 words. He did a nice job finishing up the story while also leaving the possibility for more. So we have discussed the opportunity of him working his ideas into a collection of short stories, or expanding it into a novel. Either way, whatever he decides to do he has his mom’s full support and I am just impressed with the young man he is turning into.

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