Book Two

So, the last week and a half I have been on a roll. All my free time has been spent behind my laptop writing. I have ignored the house and my family and believe me it shows. I started my second book. I started writing and kept writing. My head is so full of ideas and new things that I am excited to put them on paper. There are not enough hours in a day to satisfy my hunger for writing. Everything has flowed so smoothly that I am already on Chapter Fourteen. Wow! In a week and a half!

Today, I decided that I really should clean the house, so now that that awful chore is accomplished I will be free to write after dinner. Yay! So many new thoughts and ideas have presented themselves lately, and I can’t wait for my audience to enjoy them. I will tell you, book two goes into the supernatural world much deeper than the first book (the first book was just an introductory of what was to come). It is and exhilarating process to create these supernatural characters, or redefine them.

So, as I keep writing, you keep enjoying Rabbit’s Feet.

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