Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl (The Zombie Girl Saga, #1) by A. Giacomi

Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl (The Zombie Girl Saga #1)Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl by A. Giacomi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eve Brenner is a new and inviting zombie series. This book opens up to Eve and her friends at an archeological site in Egypt. Eve Brenner, the ever curious stumble across a site that she is supposed to stay away from, but she can’t help herself. She just wants to make ‘the great discovery’. Well, what a great discovery she did find…but not what she had in mind.

While she is searching this ‘off-limits’ area she is attacked by some being that mangles up her arm. She is saved by her friends who will throw themselves in the face of danger for her. Eve spends the next few days recovering before they have to head back home and to their next year in college. Eve is bummed, and shocked as she notices strange changes in herself.

Once back, her friends Cameron and Alex help her cope with the changes going on in her body and have to begin to be more careful around her. The blood lust that consumes her will take over with no notice and it does not discriminate.

This of course is the time that Eve begins to develop a relationship with her longtime friend putting his life in danger with every kiss, but the remainder of her humanity as she would have to live with the consequences should she hurt him. Eve fights internally with herself and her love for Cameron while she fights with Cameron’s stalker.

There are several amazingly gory and bloody scenes in this book, which I absolutely enjoyed. I love the possession like state that Eve experiences and the different levels of zombies. This book is filled with non-stop action from the very beginning but still manages to throw in some romance, heartbreak and the strain that being a zombie has on one’s friendships. This book is well written with confidence and competence and the details leave an amazing picture in your head.

I love the new zombie thinking that this book reveals and I am anxiously beginning the second book!


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