July/August Book Reviews

Here is what you can look forward to in July/August. I will add more as they come in!

Rise of the Shadow Hound (The Darkworld Books) by David King

Brief synopsis taken straight from Amazon:

While giving an interview to the mysterious Peter Tanner, Michael Bond relays the terrifying story of the Shadow Hound…

Michael and his friend Tommy are two children who accidentally discover a gateway that leads to another world.

But when the terrifying Shadow Hound comes through the gate, the situation quickly escalates into a horrifying ordeal, and nobody seems capable of stopping it.


Shallow Basin by Suzanne Cowles

Brief synopsis taken straight from Amazon:

In senior year, Beau Boudreaux is racing against time to change his destiny. His scheming parents have him on track to become a lawyer, marry a girl he hates and remain stuck in small town hell. Standing in his famous father’s shadow only further seals his fate.

Witch Crenshaw and the rest of her clan have different plans. They need Beau to learn the truth about his lineage, continue the bloodline and safeguard the urban legend roaming in the woods. The Creepler has needs of its own, none of which coincides with protecting Stray Oaks.

A trespassing hunter discovers the aberration and loses his life. The sheriff tries to drink his beer in solitude, though he knows the autopsy report is a fabrication. The town reporter seeking career advancement sensationalizes the story. The unethical mayor makes a deal to steal the witch’s land. A conspiracy to suppress the secret begins.

Amid the chaos, Beau’s longtime girlfriend Saylor is destined for stardom on the big screen. Her fiery personality and petulant nature plans a bright future, but jealousy and ambition ruins her dreams.

The whole town has an agenda contrary to Beau’s desires. He just wants to attend art school and shoot photographs. Can he take command of his life and if he does, will the consequences of his choices be too grave to bear? Moreover, what will happen to the young lovers with the Creepler lurking nearby?

Fuck Life by Amidu Omar Njiemoun

Brief synopsis taken straight from Amazon:

ADAM – I print my presentation and get ready for an hour of my very own mouth-diarrhea. Maybe I should just throw in some random facts to make things more interesting. They might be happy to find out that dragonflies have shovel shaped penises, so that they can scoop out their rival’s sperm. My presentation is on how to beat the competition anyway. It would be right on topic. I straighten my tie and am more than tempted to just string myself up on the office-ceiling fan. The temptation… every day. I hate my job – I wonder what that says about it making my life worthwhile. At least I’m not the guy who had to measure a whale’s penis and verify its 400 gallon ejaculate. Life could be worse.


SARA – ‘Here, in peace, rests Sara, gifted dancer, beloved girlfriend, June 3rd’, it would’ve said. It wouldn’t have said any years on my tombstone, because when people see years they always calculate your age and wonder what happened to that young person. That poor, troubled soul. I don’t want that. I just want to be Sara, resting in peace. But I’m not. In truth, I am Sara, psychopath, liar, whore.



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