Paperback LIVE

Today, after arriving home I nearly forgot that I was expecting my next paperback proof. I hopped up from the table and ran to the front door and sure enough, there was my package. I was ecstatic as I retrieved the scissors and tore into the cardboard. I pull out the contents inside and am immediately overwhelmed with joy. Initially, it looks fantastic.

I studied the book further, the cover looked great, everything where it should be. Coloring is right where I would like it to me and all the graphics are there! YAY! Next I open the book and begin flipping through pages and making sure that everything flows well. And it does. I hand it over to my significant other (who is also my designer), and he approves as well!

It has been quite a process and a much longer one than I had anticipated, but the day has arrived and my heart is leaping with joy! So I anxiously sit down at my computer and go in to approve my book! One click and now my paperback is ready for purchase.

So, for all of you out there that have been anxiously awaiting it’s release, that day is here! Rabbit’s Feet is now available on Paperback at:

And on Kindle at:

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