Review of ‘A New Dawning (Chronicles of the Free People Book 3)’ by Ed Ireland

A New Dawning (Chronicles of the Free People, Book 3)A New Dawning by Ed Ireland

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Quite some time has passed since book two and it was nice to get an overview of the characters and the children they have had. We also are informed on the struggles of others, but all in all, peace has been had in the free lands since the last big battle, but now, that peace is threatened once again.

Sage returns, and we get to know her devilish character so much better this book. The author spends a good deal of time on Sage’s character, letting us see the depth of her wickedness and her plans for the clans.

The orcs return as part of Sage’s plan, but will they stay loyal to her? Have they had enough of her betrayal and lack of compassion for any creature that is not her?

The clans also face another imposing force, once coming from the sea that’s sole purpose is to force their religion on others and those who will not conform, will be struck down. The clans are all in agreement that they will all die rather than give up their goddess and conform to a new religion.

The clans have an unknown ally, one that has broken away from the religious army about to invade their lands.

We get to indulge in Hellion and Fire’s love for each other once more. As they plan for battle, they all do so with love for each other, but also knowing that being a warrior, the battle must come first and the worry and sorrow can only come after victory.

Fire must lead a rescue mission and free Alkashara from Sage and she is all to eager to stop that witch from breathing. The battle plan is well designed and detailed throughout the book in a realistic and engaging manner. There were so many players and they each had their part to play.

This story is action packed, filled with love, loss, pain and happiness Some find the love they have always been looking for but unable to find, and others lose the love that they had already found. The author takes us in to this magnificent world of the Free People and we are able to feel their happiness, their worry, their love and their pain. We follow them on dangerous journeys and down roads that even they are not confident they will come back from.

The characters grow even more in this book and I am sad that it is the final book in this series. I have grown to really love this world and those that live in it and am happy that it is not the end of the Clans…just the end of this series.

Well done…and yes I cried at the end!

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