Review of ‘Bent, Not Broken (The Death Watchers Book 1)’ by Suki Sather

Bent, Not Broken (The Death Watchers Book 1)Bent, Not Broken by Suki Sather

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was an enjoyable read. I really connected with Delaney and her family. This is a unique and thrilling story filled with action and adventure. The beginning of the book can be a little overwhelming until everything is revealed, but then everything flows nicely.

Delaney is a well designed and likeable character and Malik’s frustrated love makes you root for the two of them even more. The characters have depth and a realistic nature that it makes them very easy to connect to. It was difficult for me to put this book down, as I wanted to keep reading.

The author did a good job of keeping me entertained and engaged. The action was well scripted and the story line was thoughtful and creative. Definitely looking forward to book 2!

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