Review of ‘Billy and The Cloneasaurus’ by Stephen Kozeniewski

Billy and the CloneasaurusBilly and the Cloneasaurus by Stephen Kozeniewski

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, again, Kozeniewski has developed a very unique and interesting story. I am not sure where he gets his ideas but they are incredible. His stories are so different from anything I have ever read and they definitely push the envelope at times.

In this particular novel, Billy aka William 790, miraculously lives past the first year of his clone life, which has never happened as far as he knows, and after that, he begins a journey to become his own person. Billy is inquisitive, cautious, and smart. He has nothing to lose really, because he doesn’t really know anything outside of the clone environment.

This story is thought provoking and the characters, although 99.9% of them are clones…they all have a minute amount of individuality. It was interesting to watch the main character go from William 790 to Billy and follow him as he begins to take on his own personality, struggling to be unique among the masses.

I will say that I was a bit skeptical because I wasn’t sure how interesting a book about clones would be. Not something I probably would have chosen off the self, to be perfectly honest. I will say to all you skeptics…read the book! It has a great plot, the characters are well done and the author delivers this story competently and beautifully. The ending sure takes you for a loop :-)!

You will not be disappointed in any of the books you pick up from this author, they are all creatively delicious.

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2 thoughts on “Review of ‘Billy and The Cloneasaurus’ by Stephen Kozeniewski

  1. Thank you for taking the time to review my book, Trista!

    • TMB

      You are most welcome! Always a pleasure!

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