Review of ‘Drowned Murmurs’ by Honor Amelia Dawson

Drowned MurmursDrowned Murmurs by Honor Amelia Dawson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Drowned Murmurs opens up with Michaela inheriting a house from her uncle and her mother warning her against moving into it. Michaela wants to renovate and move into this 100+ year old house and her husband Sam is supportive. The conflict and tension between Michaela and her mother is evident from the beginning.

Once they move in and start working on the house, Michaela realizes that the house will not be complete in the couple of weeks that she had hoped for. The house needs so much more work than she had anticipated.

They soon begin hearing all the rumors about Catherine haunting the place and how she had supposedly killed some of her children. Michaela believes that she has seen Catherine and that Catherine asked her for help to clear her name. Michaela is adamant that Catherine is innocent and is desperate to find information to prove it.

Michaela tries to make friends with her neighbor while she is out gardening, but that relationship is quickly soured. The more that Michaela tries to find out any information regarding the family history or the history of the house, she finds most in the community tight lipped. Even her own mother.

Throughout this ordeal, Michaela rides an emotional roller coaster and her behavior becomes erratic, irrational and downright scary at times. There were times I wondered how her husband could remain so calm and understanding, but he did. He was supportive and just the level head that Michaela needed.

Together, they found out many dark secrets into the past and into Michaela’s family. The house was surrounded by so many tragic accidents and deaths, but these two are determined to turn that around.

I really loved the interjection of Catherine and some of her story into the book. I felt that it was a nice addition to let us see the type of person she was and the life that she led. It also showed some of the tragedy and accidents that she experienced.

The character development was well designed and showed the characters with their flaws which made them believable and easy to relate to. The descriptions were detailed and well delivered so that I could design a clear picture in my head.

The pace of the story was just right to keep me interested in the storyline to find out what really happened with Catherine and her children. I was also curious to see how Michaela and Sam would end up due to Michaela’s huge change in personality. Sam may be a good guy but I was thinking that he sure can’t put up with that behavior and treatment forever.

Great book and definitely look forward to reading more from this author.

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