Review of ‘Embryo 3: Raney and Levine” by J.A. Schneider

Raney & Levine (Embryo, #3)Raney & Levine by J.A. Schneider

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading the first two books, I can say that the third was definitely just as interesting of a read!

Jill and David are happy to see the miracle lab baby “born” and thrive outside of his makeshift uterus. It isn’t long though before the religious zealots come out and label the innocent child as a “Spawn of the Devil”.

Are these people crazy enough to carry out their threats, their wishes or is it just a way to make a statement. When the weird occurrences begin, and women are attacked, Jill is thrown back into the trauma of what happened in the first two books. A little PTSD and although she is terrified for her life, and those around her, she pushes forward, wanting to help the police find this sicko.

Jill and David and their team at the hospital take risks, skirt around the law and do what they can to help the police narrow it down to find the killer.

These books really have quite a few amazing dynamics. First is Jill and David’s relationship. We have been able to watch it grow and blossom into a deep and serious relationship. They have come along way from the teacher-student role, into the significant other role. Although he is still her teacher, I think David enjoys learning from Jill how to stand by your convictions and to help in any way possible, even if it means risking your own life.

One of the other dynamics that I love is the fact that Jill is so headstrong. At times she may come off as a whiny terrified girl, but underneath that terror is a strong and bull headed women who will, in the end, get it done. She doesn’t hesitate to risk her life if it means catching the killer and saving others lives. She works well with the police, making inferences that they wouldn’t make, at least not as quickly. Working as a doctor gives her certain insight, knowledge and leniency that the police don’t have. We are therefore able to watch her grow not only as a woman and doctor, but also has an investigator.

The duo of David and Jill is amazing in their personal life, as well as the professional. The teamwork of the two of them with the local police is amazing and helps to catch the nasty bad guys in as swift of a manner as possible.

Great read!

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