Review of ‘Embryo 4: Catch Me’ by J.A. Schneider

Embryo 4: Catch Me (EMBRYO: A Raney & Levine Thriller)Embryo 4: Catch Me by J.A. Schneider

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Embryo 4 continues the story of Jill and David and is just as action packed and thrilling as the first three.

There is a new killer out there, ‘the couples killer’ as he strikes down couples. Jill and David get pulled into the case when a pregnant woman, and victim of the couple’s killer survives.

I continue to be impressed at the unique story line and the amazing character development. I remember reading the first book and watching Jill and David’s relationship just developing and now here they are, married and with an adopted son who turns 1 in this 4th installment. Their relationship is what everyone dreams of filled with love, understanding and passion. They are each others anchor in stressful situations.

As the serial killer becomes braver and the killings keep coming, David and Jill work closely with the police to bring this madman to justice. A few close calls, and putting their own lives on the line, the doctor duo does what it takes to bring the bad guys to justice. They are careful, but they are not afraid of putting themselves out there if it means saving innocent people.

A riveting, perfectly paced medical thriller that is a smooth read. Schneider sure has a talent for hooking you right in and keeping you interested until the end. I know I have a difficult time putting the book down until I am done.

I enjoy, as always, seeing where David and Jill are headed and hope to read many more stories about this crime fighting doctor duo in the future!

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