Review of ‘Embryo 5: Silver Girl’ by J.A. Schneider

EMBRYO 5: SILVER GIRL (EMBRYO: A Raney & Levine Thriller)EMBRYO 5: SILVER GIRL by J.A. Schneider

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dr. Levine and Raney are at it again. This book starts off with the death of a friend and well-known actress. Is it murder or is it suicide? The detectives need Jill and David’s help to find out.

Jill and David are able to help the detectives by skirting around legalities and getting information to point them in the right direction to gather evidence to bring criminals to justice. Many people will talk and open up more to doctors, than they will with detectives.

Jill and David have both grown in character as doctors and civilian detectives. We have see them go from co-workers, to lovers, to husband and wife. They are raising their miracle baby, Jesse, and watching him flourish at a rate faster than the average child.

Jill and David not only have the support of the police department, but they have the support of their medical team. Their friends/co-workers are always offering to pick up shifts and help out so they can go follow-up at crime scenes, etc.

Not only is this a medical thriller, there is a great deal of mystery and suspense. I love the angles that are thrown into the novel. I would think, ‘this person did it, no wait this person did, no wait!’ Left me guessing until the end.

This author has a wonderful writing style and her stories are well crafted and knowledgeable. She has built her characters well and made them realistic, so that once I start reading, I am a part of the story. I can’t wait to read more from this author!

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