Review of ‘Outsider’ by Kayti Nika Raet

OutsiderOutsider by Kayti Nika Raet

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just like the first two books, Raet has kept Outsider fast-paced, thrilling and engaging. As Niko enters the city to work as a Gray man along with Songhay, it isn’t long before Niko discovers how exactly it is that the cities keep the gray men so docile and unaware, or uncaring of the dangers around them.

Niko quickly finds herself in trouble, again, once her failure to be a conforming and docile gray man is discovered. Ben sweeps in for the rescue and with some help, Niko is now a ‘visitor’ to the city, and no longer Niko, the wanted slither killer or the gray man.

While Niko, Ben, Jared team up with the Gemini gang to take control of the cities water, Songhay is working on giving the gray men back their minds and free will.

During this book, the character development is a great expansion of the first two books and remains consistent. Ben and Niko’s relationship begins to develops into a more serious one all while Niko struggles with her feelings for Songhay. Raet has done an amazing job creating a love triangle that is realistic and powerful. At times, I find myself voting for Ben and more often than not, I would like to see Niko end up with Songhay.

Great job on book three! I immediately picked up book 4 to continue the story.


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