Review of ‘Ten For The Devil’ by Deborah Mitton

Ten For The DevilTen For The Devil by Deborah Mitton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a terrifically horrific novel. The moment I started reading it I was immediately attached and engaged with the characters. The author gives some of the back story a little at a time to keep you attached and anxious to find out more.

As the story develops, we are introduced to Seth, who is described by the author as a classic disturbed child with sociopathic tendencies. I knew he was no good from the beginning and was quite curious to find out where his path would lead.

The novel was well crafted and portrayed the depth of the characters relationship and how their lives are all intertwined. From the poor widow who is just trying to survive and provide for her son and her father to the important entitled sociopath son.

Seth is a horrifying creature with a heinous and devilishly creative criminal side. The author has a disturbingly wild and graphically evil creative imagination for the acts that were committed in this novel. It was quite impressive. The vile scenes in this book were grotesquely imaginative and intensely more horrifying compared to the normal blood and gore of a horror book. I was quite impressed.

I loved the back in time, simplistic nature of this story without the complications of technology. The author did an excellent job in giving each character their own unique identity and history. This story portrayed love, loss, betrayal, evil, murder and the genuine kindness that people can have.

The very end of the story took me for a twist as this story didn’t have any obvious supernatural entities in it, until the end. It was quite intriguing and I am hoping that there will be a second book soon to follow!

If you like horror…this is a MUST read!

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