Review of ‘The Butcher (Therian Secrets #3)’ by Johanna Rae

The Butcher (Therian Secrets, #3)The Butcher by Johanna Rae

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This third installment of this series was the best yet! I enjoyed the first two and the storyline continued in an enjoyable and fast paced fashion.

I enjoyed watching Rufus’ character develop depth and being there with him as he fumbles to try and develop a relationship with sweet shy bartender Summer.

Jodi and Luke begin their training to become agents, but they are shunned right from the beginning because of their power level and because they both have acquired globes already.

Danny is at home dealing with his own mess of affairs. In this book it seems as though everyone has a secret and their is unfinished business that needs to be dealt with.

The storyline was well developed and written. It was fast paced enough to keep the story moving and keep me engaged. It was filled with action, conflict, love, danger and many deep secrets revealed.

The character development was excellent in this book and to see where they have come from since the beginning.

I really enjoy this story and the uniqueness of it. Therian and shapeshifters are interesting and this is a great series for anyone who loves the supernatural. Will definitely read more by this author!

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