Review of ‘The Fury’ (Therian Secrets #2) by Johanna Rae

The Fury (Therian Secrets, #2)The Fury by Johanna Rae
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely amazing!! I can say that I enjoyed this as much as the first! Thought provoking, captivating and utterly fascinating!

In this second book, we follow Jodi as she is thrust even deeper into the world of shifters and ISIC. After the fiasco with Luke and other contributing factors, Jodi’s life has dramatically changed but thankfully she still has her two best friends who stand firmly by her side.

Danny and Jodi’s relationship grows stronger than ever and they learn more about each other every day. It was nice to see the relationship flourish with Eddie and Ainsley, despite setbacks and misunderstandings. I am curious to see where the couple is headed.

During this second book, I feel that we really got to know the characters, and learn a little bit more history about each of them. We saw some of their past and what made them who they are and how they fit into the team. I really liked getting to know Rufus and I wish the best for that guy!

The first book really laid the foundation and groundwork for this book to take on the conflicts and the different situations that always seemed to come up. The characters all had a good start in The Mercenary and we were able to see them grow and see them in more detail in The Fury.

Really enjoyed reading this and am excited to see what is yet to come.

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