Review of ‘A Life of Death: The Complete Second Novel’ by Weston Kincade

A Life of Death: The Complete Second NovelA Life of Death: The Complete Second Novel by Weston Kincade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This second installment of ‘A Life of Death’ was just as riveting as the first. This story follows Alex after he has grown up, married the love of his life and has a wonderful son. The horrors of his childhood are still reflected upon in this book, but there is also some fun and happy flashbacks as well.

The book starts out with Alex impulsively following a murder suspect, one that has been murdering for 15 years and has yet to get caught. Alex is determined to bring her to justice. Even using his special gift with the victims hasn’t helped to positively identify the murderer, the only thing he knows is that she is a woman.

Alex meets up with his buddy in Washington DC, hot on this woman’s trail. Hooking up with the local police is helpful and it isn’t long before he realizes that he may have the wrong suspect. While he is in town he meets his buddy, Jessie’s girlfriend and a few of his friends.

Alex can’t control his gift and it isn’t long before he touches someone and is seeing deaths amongst Jessie’s circle of friends. But what to do with that information? Alex also collaborates with a couple of professors from Egypt and experts in Egyptian culture and mythology. Pieces start to fall into place as he discovers more about the ritual killings and the possible meaning behind them. Alex is of course asked to return the favor and help out with some ancient Egyptian mummies that are residing at the university.

This story flowed smoothly and was well paced. It kept me interested and engaged. I had a hard time putting this down. The characters are well defined and believably delivered. The plot is well created.

I will definitely be looking for more books from this author! Especially in regards to Detective Alex Drummond!

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