Review of ‘The Harvest (The Last Orphans, Book 2)’ by N.W. Harris

The Harvest (The Last Orphans #2)The Harvest by N.W. Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After a long few days and a terrible battle, Shane and his group believe that all of the adults are dead. After a brave attempt and success at shutting down the machine that rid the world of the adults, they just begin to catch their breath when some adults show up out of nowhere.

Of course the kids are skeptical and nervous, they watched all of the adults die, so how did this group of adults survive. They go with them, trying to trust them and partly relieved because they don’t want to carry the burden of trying to help all of the younger kids survive. They aren’t sure where to even begin.

After arriving on the base, Shane and a few in his group are informed that these adults are actually aliens and that more of their kind are coming to “Harvest” the kids from this planet to help them fight their war and that they all have a ‘slave gene’ in them allowing the aliens to control their minds.

Shane and 6 others from his group begin training with seven other teams from around the world to learn how to take down these alien ships from the inside. The kids are put through a military like boot camp, with many physical activities, running, push-ups etc, as well as learning to fight each other and playing a more intense game of ‘capture the flag’.

This is a great continuation from the first book as it takes on a whole new premise and we watch these kids go from scared and relieved teenagers to soldiers who are willing to sacrifice themselves to save everyone else on the planet once again.

Harris really expands on the characters we were introduced to in the first book and we get to see more bonding and relationships develop amongst them. He also introduces many new characters with their own unique, sometimes likeable and sometimes not, dispositions.

Harris delivers the story in a enjoyable manner and the storyline is engaging and full of action. The details and description really place you inside the story. His creative alien technology is pretty darn cool too!

There were some twists in the book, especially towards the end that are utterly fascinating and have left me wondering….what next? I will be impatiently waiting for book 3 and the continuation of this group of teenagers story. I am curious to see where the story goes and what the truth really is!

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